Getting Business Insurance

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As a responsible small business owner, it's a prudent idea to visit a reputable insurance agent to discuss small business coverage for your company. In many cases, a business entity requires just as much insurance as an individual. You have to cover vehicles, property and people, including customers and employees. Getting insurance for your small business is a straightforward process that you can accomplish in about a day, then get right back to the day-to-day requirements of starting up your company.


Visit an insurance agency that specializes in a variety of small business insurance options. See Resources for a listing of small business insurance providers.



Set an appointment to speak with a small business insurance consultant at the company of your choice. You can discuss your business needs over the phone or in person. Due to the complex nature of deciding on the right business insurance policy for your company, it's prudent to speak with someone before purchasing a policy.



Explain the business activities you plan to engage in regularly and business assets you plan to manage while running your company. For example, if you plan to operate a store, you'll need business property and liability insurance to cover yourself in case of an incident at the location. You'll need commercial vehicle coverage for any cars, trucks or buses you use regularly in the course of business. If you plan to hire employees, you can discuss workers' compensation and medical insurance options with an applicable provider. If you have a business license, the state may require you to secure a particular type of insurance policy to maintain that license.



Consider whether you need key person or crisscross insurance. This compensates the business in case one of the key principals (owner or partner) passes on (See References).



Explore the terms and coverage levels of your business insurance options with your agent based on your business activities. Ask the agent if you can package the various services into one combined business policy at a more attractive rate. For instance, some agents offer special combined packages for Internet and home-based small businesses, and others may have packages for companies that use a fleet of vehicles regularly.



Select a business insurance package that covers all of your concerns. Place your down payment to confirm and secure the business insurance policy. Keep a copy of your coverage paperwork on hand.

View All Of Our Blog Posts
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