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What exactly makes a website great?  That is a question without a simple, concrete answer.  However, it is an important question nonetheless.  There are currently approximately one billion websites on the internet (though it is likely that more than half are inactive).  With that much diversity available, determining what makes a website great is no easy task. However, there are two factors that have a significant impact on the user experience: the website design and navigation.  The goal of any website designer should be to build a website that looks great and is easy to use as well. 


There are three primary elements that make up a website: its functions, its content, and its design.  All three elements are vital to the purpose of a website.  A website obviously must function properly to be useful, and its content must be valuable enough to benefit users.  Without getting too technical, a website’s ability to function properly rests in the hands of the programmer.  The responsibility of having quality website content falls on the site operator/owner.  Website content is audio, visual, or textual information displayed on a web page.  The website’s design, however, might be the most important of these elements to its users.  The design must be attractive enough to draw in users while also allowing for logical and practical navigation of the site.


With the widespread popularity of devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, there has been an increase in demand for websites to be responsive.  A responsive website is a website with pages that can be viewed from a variety of web browsers or computer screen sizes.  Every new website should be responsive, as there is no reason for a business to not want users to see its website as it is intended to look.  When viewing a website that is not responsive on a mobile device, page elements may not work and the design may not translate properly, among other issues.  Designing a responsive website from the outset is key to having a website that users can interact with however they want.  Every business should want its customers to be able to access their website, regardless of how they choose to access it.  

View All Of Our Blog Posts
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